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Oma’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

This is my Oma’s recipe for “stuffing” although the purists call it “dressing” if it’s not actually inside the turkey. This has been my brother and my favorite Thanksgiving dish for years. It reheats well so it makes great leftovers. Try putting a slice of stuffing on a sandwich with leftover turkey! It’s the best!

This recipe makes 4 loafs of stuffing, so feel free to “half” the recipe.

2 loaves Vienna or Italian Bread – cubed
48 oz. organic chicken broth
2 small or 1 large yellow onion – chopped
2 sticks celery – chopped
4 cloves garlic – minced
¾ cups chopped parsley
2 cups chopped mushrooms
6 eggs
1 t Kosher salt
½ t pepper
½ t oregano
2 T butter
2 T olive oil

Chop bread into cubes 1 day in advance and let sit out to get stale.

Sauté onions, celery, garlic and mushrooms in butter. Heat broth and pour over cubed bread. Add sautéed vegetables, parsley, salt, oregano, pepper, eggs and mix. Place in 4 bread loaf pans (buttered) and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes (until golden brown).


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