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What is “Cook the Part?”

Cook the Part is much more than a collection of recipes; it’s an entertaining revolution.   For the first time, menus are divided into “parts.”  Each of your dinner guests cooks a part of a fabulous meal.

CTP Book Cover

In this book, you will learn how to organize a wonderful evening centered on creating one of eight themed gourmet menus.  Cook the Part allows anyone, even inexperienced chefs, to host dinner parties that will leave guests talking for months.    If you are intimidated by the thought of having a dinner party, this book will liberate you.  It will provide you with detailed instructions for hosting the perfect dinner party.  You and your guests create the meal together.

The secret ingredient to your successful dinner is the perfect plan.  The planning and organizational instructions in this book will guide you in creating spectacular meals.  Some of the recipes in this book are our family favorites and others have been designed specifically for these menus.   Your mouth will water as you anticipate the authentic paella loaded with fresh seafood or the handmade pasta with homemade sauces.  Your guests won’t believe that they actually possess the cooking skills that created these meals.  You will experience the power of team cooking, as each of the participants gets energized by the hard work and enthusiasm of their fellow cooks.  Eight to twelve participants can do so much more in a few hours than the host can do over the course of days or even a full week of advance preparation.  Each hour in the kitchen will be enjoyed to the fullest as you bond or reconnect with friends, family or co-workers.


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