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An Accountant’s Alternative to Starbucks

Homemade Latte

A homemade latte at a fraction of the cost.

I love my daily Grande Nonfat Latte.  In fact, I love two or three lattes every day.  Gary matches me one for one with his espresso consumption. Our habit became very expensive many years ago as we were spending $15 per day at a minimum.  We then purchased our first espresso machine (a manual model) from Starbucks.  It came with an actual lesson!  Since then, we have evolved through several machines and find that the one offered by Costco online is a winner.  For $479 you get a fully automated machine that grinds the beans, makes your espresso and has a steamer for frothing the milk.  If you do the calculation based on our habit, it means a pay back in about 60 days (allowing for the cost of coffee beans and milk).  What’s the payback on your coffee habit?

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