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A New Look for Polenta: Perfect Crostini

Shiitake Mushrooms on Polenta Crostini

I recently visited Sur La Table and found a package of Organic Polenta that was displayed with small loaf pans and a sign suggesting that you make polenta to be used for crostini.  I thought that sounded like a great variation on the standard crostini so decided to give it a  try.

I prepared the polenta as suggested on the package. I then put the prepared polenta into the small loaf pans and  refrigerated them until I was ready to make my  appetizers.  Here’s what follows:

Next, remove the loaf from the pan and thinly slice the polenta to crostini sized pieces.  You can either grill the crostini or heat them in a frying pan.  I actually used a pan made for grilling pizza because it had the ridges that would leave grill marks.  The result was perfect crostini.  In a few tablespoons of olive oil, I sautéed a  mixture of shiitake mushrooms with chopped onion, salt, pepper,  and a little thyme.  I topped my crostinis with the mushroom mixture and had a perfect little appetizer that was a bit out of the ordinary.  You can naturally create your own variations using the polenta crostini.  Next, I plan to try a mini pizza with a tomato sauce, basil and cheese.

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