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Great Chemistry at Market Restaurant and Bar

Seabass and Prawn Tempura

Sea Bass and Prawn Tempura

I had the opportunity to dine at Market (Del Mar) twice in one week. On the first occasion, we celebrated our son’s 30th birthday. Four starters, four entrees and a few desserts…all wonderful (not to mention the special birthday treatment)!
On the second occasion, several of the participants at the Biocom Partnering conference decided to have a pre-dinner to kick off our activist shareholder panel.
We had a great group with our moderator, Karen Bernstein, and several other biotech veterans and foodies including Faheem Hasnain, John Mendlein, and Paul and Lisa Laikind.
Six starters, followed by six entrees – all were perfect. The chemistry of the group and the food was fabulous.


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