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Making Real Dough at Home: Handmade Pasta Chapter of Cook the Part

Most people don’t tackle handmade pasta at home on their own.  It seems somewhat daunting.  But when you consider tackling this with friends, this suddenly seems like a  fun, easy task.  That’s the power of teamwork… Team cooking takes people out of their comfort zones and frees them to explore new culinary adventures. 

This team made Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces.  The Antipasti included Gorgonzola Bread, Focaccia with Dipping Oil and an Antipasti Plate.  When the dough was made and converted into ravioli, filled with sausage and veal and or cheese, the team enjoyed the Caesar Salad with Roasted Garlic Anchovy Dressing.  The sauces to compliment the ravioli included Marinara Fresca and Pesto.  Green Beans with Parsley and Bread Crumbs were served with the ravioli.  The team made homemade Lemon Gelato for dessert. 

The recipe for the pasta dough can be found in an earlier post:

The Marinara Fresca is included at


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