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Maddie had a birthday party for 20 of her friends.
She wanted to do something new, the best of latest trends.
So she picked a cooking party and asked all to “Cook the Part”
She provided them with aprons, but that was just the start.

Rolling pins and pizza pans were provided for each team
They rolled out dough and shaped it – not like pizzas we have seen
Lots of toppings were provided, including veggies plus lots more
Most topped them off with sauce and cheese, but who is keeping score?

Next they picked a cookie, a butterfly or heart
Which they decorated beautifully – another work of art.
They had multi-colored icing, jelly beans and more.
The kids could pick out anything, like from a candy store.

Maddie wore a cowboy hat instead of a princess crown
She wanted painted faces and her mom never lets her down
So all the girls were decorated in multi-colored masks
But that was not the end of it, there were many other tasks

They fed the ducks at Fairbanks lake and had a real fun time.
But all are wondering what’s up next year when Maddie will turn nine!

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Birthday Party Menu

Maddie’s Favorite Snacks

Cheez Its
Cheese cubes
Apple slices
Carrot Sticks

Pizza toppings

Tomato sauce (add a little oregano and red pepper flakes, if desired)
Grated mozzarella cheese
Sautéed mushrooms Sautéed peppers (red, green and yellow for variety)
Pepperoni Pineapple wedges

While you can add many other toppings, you can also limit your offerings to sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Only a few of the others toppings were chosen by the 20 girls at Maddie’s party.

Pizza dough
Moms to make the dough or purchase ready-made pizza dough.  Each batch of dough will make four small pizzas Make ahead, lightly rub oil on dough and keep refrigerated in a zip lock bag until an hour before using.  Divide dough into 4 portions.  Recipe can be found at
Butterfly Sugar Cookies (or Heart cookies)
Moms to make one cookie per guest. Sugar cookie recipe can be found at
Purchase icing in multiple colors, cake decorating gel for writing in multiple colors, jelly beans, and assorted candies for decorating.

Purchased Birthday Cake


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