AIWF Tasting Party: The Party Hit was the Frozen Meyer Lemon Mousse Parfait

2012-03-20T21:30:06+00:00 March 20th, 2012|Desserts, Menus and Memories, Recipes|

CTP-AIWF menu card These menu items are all interpretations of recipes in Cook the Part, with the exception of one of the desserts, which seemed to be the winner of the popularity contest. Frozen Meyer Lemon Mousse [...]

Secrets of the CIA: Team Cooking by AIWF Members from Across the Country

2012-01-24T19:11:44+00:00 January 24th, 2012|Menus and Memories, Recipes, Team Cooking|

The American Institute of Wine and Food celebrated Napa last weekend and honored Margrit Mondavi at the gala dinner on Friday evening. Margrit was one of the original founders of AIWF with her husband, Robert Mondavi, and Julia Child.   Five [...]